Storm and Hail Damage

Homeowner’s guide to roofing, siding and gutters due to STORM DAMAGE

Hail and high winds can cause serious damage to your roof and the exterior of your home.  An inspection by a trained technician can verify the extent of the damages and outline the means to get them repaired.  We provide a full service to our clients, backed by many years of experience in the construction industry.

Let us help you make your storm damage repair efficient.  After all, one storm should not be followed by another!

Hail Damage

Hail can damage your roof, siding or gutters without any visible signs from the ground.  The hail normally has to be at least the size of a golf ball before it will break through your shingles or cause bruising.  However, if driven by high winds or if it hails for more than a few minutes, your roof will suffer from a loss of protective granules.  This will greatly reduce the life of your roof.  Siding, gutters and fascia can be dented by hail.  Frequently, this damage is difficult to see until the light is right.  Have the exterior of your home inspected to ensure safety.  There is no charge for our inspection service.

Ways That Shingles Can Be Damaged

Hail:  Loss of granule layers on the shingles will cause the organic-based center of the shingle to be exposed to the sun’s UV rays.  This will cause serious deterioration of the shingle within a short period of time.  Additionally, hail can actually puncture or seriously damage your roof.

High Winds:  Winds of over 50 miles per hour will lift the shingles and cause the seals to break, never to be resealed.  Unsealed shingles will then flap in the breeze and soon snap off.

Ventilation:  Improper or inadequate ventilation in your attic will cause the shingles to scorch and bubble up, causing a serious problem.  This is very common on older houses.  Additional ventilation devices may be needed to ensure longevity of the new shingles as well as to avoid decking problems in the future.

The Roofing Process

We roof per the National Association of Roofing Contractors guidelines.  We strip off the old shingles and check for bad decking or chimney flashing.  We then apply new felt, valley materials and re-roof to code using four (4) nails per shingle.

Please keep in mind that this is a major construction project.  The shingles, particularly second layers, come off in pieces.  Expect a bit of a mess no matter what contractor does the work.  Be sure to secure fragile items on the interior of your home that are subject to vibration during the installation process.

We clean up and haul away trash, including picking up the excess nails with a magnet.  We also protect your landscaping during the process.

In Case Of Rain

All good roofing crews are aware of the “chance of rain.”  Throughout the year, we will begin jobs with the forecast of rain and we promise to professionally control each job with every means available to ensure that no water gets into your home during the re-roofing process.

Make A Claim

Call your insurance agent if you have had hail in your neighborhood.  You will be assigned a claim number and an adjuster will be out to inspect your property and settle your claim.  We will work with you as needed to assure a fair claim settlement and a clear understanding of the process.

The Inspection

The adjuster will inspect your roof for visible signs of damage.  They will measure out a “test square” (10’ x 10’) on every slope of your roof.  If they can find a sufficient amount of bruises or breaks for each “test square,” the insurance company will pay for a new roof, less the cost of your deductible.  Likewise, if your gutters or siding are dented, you will be paid for a replacement of like kind and quality.

We ask that you allow our company to represent you during the inspection process.  We will work with the adjuster to determine the extent of the damage, clarify pricing and offer you a repair price equal or less than the insurance company’s pricing.  All you pay out of pocket is your deductible in most cases.

Here Are Some of the Ways We Can Help

Detailed Quotes, Trained Installers, Job Supervision, Quality Control, Full Licensed/Bonded/Insured, Landscape Protection, Thorough Clean-Up, References, Written Warranty


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How Are We Different?

We are prompt and professional.  Our staff has years of construction, management and insurance experience.  Most importantly, we care…we perform…we provide the results you are looking for, and we are fully insured.

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