What You Can Expect

Dear Valued Homeowner,

We understand the importance of your roofing project to you, and the decision to re-roof to increase the aesthetic value of your home or project. We pride ourselves in providing you with a company that will give you the assurance that you have made the right choice. During the roofing project, your home or business will become a temporary construction site. We would like to prepare you for some minor inconveniences which may be encountered while the work is in progress. We will do our best to keep them to a minimum and ask for your help and cooperation during this process.

Our Re-roof process and what you should expect:

Roof Removal:

If removal of your existing roof is required, we will be placing a dump truck or dumpster as close to the roof line as possible in order to minimize the chances of roofing debris falling into your yard. We ask that the night before work is to start, that you clear your driveway for easy access to the roof for the dump trucks. We also ask that any pets in the backyard be placed indoors so our crew can gather any debris that may fall without stressing your pets. We will tarp pool areas and driveways during the roof removal to help eliminate the possibility of damage. During the re-roofing process we will have several trucks near and at your home. All attempts are made to insure you and your neighbor have proper access to your driveways however, for safety reasons, we would prefer for you to wait until work has been completed.


During the re-roofing process, as with any construction project, there will be noise both inside and outside the house that you may not be accustomed to. We will be using equipment such as dump trucks, fork-lifts, pneumatic guns, power saws and power tools, as well as hand tools that make noise.

We respect your privacy and we will do everything possible to keep the noise to a minimum. Our hours of operation are from 7:00 am to sundown, Monday through Saturday unless we are given permission from you to work outside those hours.


Throughout the re-roof process we will be loading the roof and moving materials, which may cause vibrations in the interior walls and ceilings of your home, especially during the roof removal segment. We are as respectful and as careful as we can be to your property, but keep in mind, complete elimination of vibrations is impossible.

Prior to the start of the re-roof process, you should take the time to inspect both the interior and the exterior of your home and make provisions for any pictures, statues, or light fixtures such as ceiling fans or chandeliers. If you feel that they could be affected, you should remove these items from the walls and/or ceilings to prevent damage.


With every construction site you should anticipate some degree of dust and debris. Most of our debris is from the roof removal. We make every attempt to remove and haul away all roofing materials from the jobsite on the first day and continue to maintain a clean work site daily throughout the entire process.


During the re-roofing process we make every attempt possible to keep debris from falling onto the grounds and landscape area. We take special care to help protect flower beds, shrubs, bushes, grass and all landscape areas, including pools.

Preliminary Notice:

Please be advised, that upon delivery of all materials, it is our policy to issue a 20 day preliminary notice on your property. You will receive a copy in the mail. The general purpose of this notice is to inform you, the property owner, lender or other interested parties that Roofing Experts, Inc. is providing labor and materials for your project; therefore, we are retaining our “right to lien” in the event that we are not paid. Once all invoices are “paid in full” you may request an “unconditional lien waiver” from our office.

Thank you for your business,

Roofing Experts, Inc.